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Welcome to the Singing Tree. Here you can learn about Dodoland and it's history and creators. Below are the words to the Dodoland Song which was used in the New York theatre Production of Dodoland. Hear the bongos of Yogroovy.



(Song by Jerry Shrair)

Open up your heart, Open up...

Give the world your hand, Give the world....

Open up your heart, give the world your hand

Raise your voice in song, and sing through out the land

For love is waiting there you'll find

A garden that is yours and mine

So ride along were on our way to Dodoland

Don't be long we are on our way to Dodoland

The birds will sing there......

Part of the Dodoland song by Jerry Shrair for the performances of Dodoland

in New York Directed by Tedrian Chizik

Creative-Direction-Author, set, costumes- Della Burford

Co-Direction - Choreographer -Dancing Flamingo - Merian Soto

Rainbow Dolphin/ Stage Manager in Gautemala- Dale Bertrand

Dozens of exceptional perfomers and musicians participated.

Musical Directors- Jerry Shrair, Larry Karush, Julie Lieberman

"Journey to Dodoland" Copyright and TM 1977. Della Burford, Dodoland in Cyberspace 1995-2022 Della Burford and Dale Bertrand.