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News Articles About Della Burford's work from 1980 to 2021/ Many projects assisted by Dale Bertrand.

These are a few of the many .. but some favourites! For more information contact dellaburford@hotmail.com

News Articles about Della Burford's Author/Artist projects - many assisted by Dale Bertrand

1980 Printers Institute of American Award

1979 Wandering Spirit School

1980 American Museum of Natural History Dodoland on the Way to Puerto Rico

1982 St. Peter's Cathedral

1983 Brooklyn Children's Museum

1987 Cape Cod Writer's Conference

1987 Edmonton Journal - Author's Festival

1979-1996 Inner City Angels - Lakeshore Newspaper - Student's Pen Classic Tales

Inner City Angels

1990 Scarborough Mirror

1990 The Toronto Star- Mythical child learns secrets to keep pollution at bay

1992 Board of Education Newsletter - "The Earth is Living Color"

1994 Pop Environmental Enviro-Books

1995 Storytellings -Readings - Writers Union (Member for 35 years)

1995- 2021 Cyberspace Site - Dodoland Online

2001 Korea - Jeju World Festival for Island Cultures

2007-2012 Nanaimo Art Residency

2016-2021 Art Start- see Reference Gautemala - Inner City Angels

2009-2019 Bali-Spirit of Writing and Art - Paripurna - Karja

2011-2018 Kanzawabunko Festival Japan - Magical Earth Secrets

2019 Visionary Art Award - Moscow

Holland Yoga Centre

>2021 Japan - Miracle Galaxy storytelling dance

Quotes about Della Burford

Original Designer and Conceptualizers of Dodoland
Dale Bertrand & Della Burford


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