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5th Dec. '96 I wish that people would be kind to each other and care for others more than themselves.
Bex from Gloucestershire, England

7th Dec. '96 My wish to the earth is...I wish nobody would rob. And nobody would litter. And nobody would get hurt and be happy for the rest of their lives! Thats my wish.
Natassia from Georgia.

7th Dec. '96 I wish every one has a happy new years eve.
Danny Williams, age 7, Napa, CA, USA

31st Dec. '96 My wish for the earth is that there is no poverty and war. No more violence and crimes and no more deadly illness's. I wish for all the hate that people have in their family like divorce and child abuse would vanishe.
Claire Pearen 12, Lacombe, Alberta

16 Aug. '96 My wish would be to make everything FREE! But if that happened you would probably have to get rid of some greedy people first.
Christina, 10, Hollister, Ca, USA

17 Aug."96 "I wish for the earth that ther is no pollution or poverty. I wish that there is no fighting and wars and everyone could live together. There is no starvation and everyone is bright and healthy and none would have to worry about food or money."
Lauretta, Wagga Wagga, Australia

Heather, age 9, Ohio

25 Aug. '96 I wish people would understand nature better and leave all breathing creatures alone, such as starfish, seashells with living mollusk, sanddollars, all the creatures that are left for high tide along our ocean shores. Fishermen with nets need to stop! Stop trashing beaches so the ocean will not become polluted. Quit harvesting the kelp forest. Our world is a beautiful place."
Jessica, age 11, White Hall, AR

26 Aug. '96 "My wish is that there will be cars that do not pollute the earth."
-Jason Davis, Wollongong, Australia

14 Sept. '96 "Please keep our earth beautiful it's the only thing we have. If we don't keep it beatiful it might be the end of life, since scientific studies have proven we would not be able to survive on any other planet."

23 Sept. '96 "My name is Ryan. I am 5 years old and live in Defiance, Ohio. I wish whales wouldn't die. People wouldn't kill whales. That's what I wish."
Ryan, age 5, Ohio

23 Sept. '96 "I wish that the everybody would get along so they could get together to fix the damage that has been made. The earth is a mother."
Rebekah,age 9, California, USA

28 Sept. '96 "I WISH EVRYBODY WOULD NOT LITTER AND NOT POLLUTE THE AIR and have a happy life and do not throw food in the bin but just throw rubbish in the bin and yuckie sweets in the bin and do not smoke.
Stephanie, Age 6, Sydney Australia

29 Sept. '96 "My wish is that no kids would be abused by their parents and that kids would have parents to love them."
Chaise, Texas, age 9

20 Oct. '96 "My wish to the Earth is that white and black wouldn't matter. That people wouldn't have to kill other people just so they could be a gang member. Also that animals and sea animals wouldn't have to be killed for some expensive lady's clothing, lipstick or perfume. That's my wish to the world."

09 Nov. '96 "I wish that everyone would ge along well and not cause any harm to anyone else."

16 Nov. '96 "My wish is that no on would be homeless or poor and there was peace on earth."

22 Nov. '96 "I wish the planet didn't have as much sun so we didn't get cancer. I wish we could get rid of pollution so there is no pollution left on the earth. I wish the planet had longer grass and safety lawn mowers with covers"
Cieran, age 5

21 Nov. '96 "I wish I could fly high so I could so see the whole world.
Caleb, age 6, Kingman, KS

16 Nov. '96 "I wish that people would respect and take care of Earth and its resources !!!

27 Nov. '96 "I wish that everyone would get along and no one would fight. I also wish that everyone cared about protecting the earth."
Joanna, age 13, USA

28 Nov. '96 "I wish the earth could be nice an clean so the earth will look nice."
Matthew, age 7.
16 Oct. '96 "I wished people would stop cutting down rainforests, stop making the hole in the ozone bigger, and care for other environment and animals and people, too."
Phoebe, age 11, Mesa, AZ

29 Sept. '96 "My family makes sure they do not buy products that are harmful to Ozone or to our waters and to animals. Kill your bad habits not animals.
Adam, Age 5, London, England

06 Oct. '96 "My wish is to stop pollution so that the world can be a better place by kids cleaning up the earth."
Colleen, East Lansing, Michigan U.S.A.

29 Aug. '96 "I believe in planting trees. What a good idea."

01 Sept. '96 "I am ten years old and live in Ont., Canada and I wish there were more happy people than there are! You know what I'am saying.
Matthew, Ont., Canada

04 Sept. '96 "My wish for the World is that it stays nice and grows lots of flowers."
Allison, Age 4


07 Sept. '96 "I wish that all animals were free"
Sierra, age 5, 108 Mile Ranch, B.C.

15 Sept. '96 "I wish that people wouldn't build so much stuff and cutting down on nature's home."
Andrew (age 8) Delta, British Columbia, Canada

25 Sept. '96 "I wish that there was no more violence on earth. I wish that nobody would litter. And I wish that there were no people that would spray paint things like my playground at my school.
Kelsey, Age 9

30th Sept. '96 "Hi my name is Ewan Burford and I am 4. I helped my father shuck the corn, we put the waste into the compost.
Ewan, age 4, BC

03 Oct. '96 "My name is Christina I am 8 years old, I live in Brunei on the island of Borneo. - I wish people would not cut down trees because the animals loose their homes."
Christina, age 8, Brunei, Borneo

04 Oct. '96 "My wish would be for hunters to stop killing endangered species and people would care and help more cleaning the earth and recycling."
Carina, age 11

06 Oct. '96 "I wish the people of the world would make and use cars that do not make smog.
Jacqueline, Age 9, USA

12 Oct. '96 "I wish people would stop polluting the earth and take better care of it."
Samantha, age 8, Toronto, Canada

13 Oct. '96 "My wish for the earth to keep it clean and never a mess. When you see papers in the park put them in the garbage can. Help the earth."
Ashley, 7 years old, Rhode Island

Nicole Verhagen, New Zealand

07 Nov. '96 "My wish is that people would consider that the Earth is not just a hump of land, it gives us almost everything. As Pochantas said,"You think you own whatever land you land on, but I know everything has a life, spirit and a name. I want to help our Earth!!!
Megan, Age 12

08 Nov. '96 "I wish that people loved every child in the world."
Hannah, Age 6, Iowa, USA

06 Oct. '96 " My wish for the Earth is for everybody be nice to each other."
Ayla, 7 years old.

13 Oct. '96 "I wish everyone would get along and that there would be no baad guys and no weapons . No one would litter"
Carly, Age 11 Ca.

12 Aug. "96 "live and let live"
Mark Manet

08 Aug. '96 "I wish that there were more stars around the earth so that I could count them."
Hannah, age 6, Nelson B.C.

05 Aug. '96 " I wish I was on top of the earth."
Hannah, age 3, California

03 Aug. '96 "I wish that all people would get along and cause no pollution." Kate Tabor

02 Aug. '96 "My name is Heather. I live in Wapak, Ohio. My wish is that all people loved the earth."

"05 July '96 "I wish that the earth was clean and healthy, no pollution, clean fresh water in all rivers, and that all fishes will feal better in the clean water."

07 July '96 "I wish that the animals wouldn't be killed for their fur, tusks, fat, and skins."
Jenny, age 12, NH, USA

17 June '96 "I wish people would keep our world from pollution and make it a better place for kids.
Angela Walsh, age 9.

05 June '96
"Kelsey "wishes that there would not be pollution on the earth and people wouldn't litter."

Amy" wishes people wouldn't die and that no one would fight."

Jessica "wishes that there would be no wars and that people would get along with other people."

Andrew" wishes people would stop making misinformed wishes."

Colin "wishes the world would get rid of nuclear weapons."

Christine" wishes that there would be more sun."

Scott "wishes to follow up Andrew's wish."

Leslie" wishes that bad people wouldn't be let out of prison. "

Damascus Middle School, Boring, Oregon

13 July '96 "I wish that all around the world, no one would be dying of hunger and diseases. Also all around the world, everyone would try not polluting the earth."
Christine, New Zealand

13 July '96 "My wish for the earth is nobody should throw garbage on the beach. People should get big bags and clean up all the mess on the earth's beautiful beaches. If the people keep polluting the world, it will be "badder" and "badder" for our earth. People have to stop polluting the earth."
Alyssa, age 6.

15 July '96 "I wish the Earth was a purple princess".
McKinley, age 3, Syracuse, NY

19 July '96 "My wish for planet earth is that everyone be nice to each other.
Shayna Rachel, age 6, Longwood, Florida

23 July '96 "I wish that the world not be polluted and would have world peace. I also wish that there would be less violence."
Marye, age 11, Birmingham, Alabama

24 July '96 "I wish that all around the world there is peace and harmony, and there is no pollution and there is clean water. Also that there is no starving mouths to feed and everyone was healthy and there was no such thing as disease."
Lauretta, age 13, Wagga Wagga, Australia

20 July '96 "I want to have the world all clean because the world is so special to me. And God too! It would be good if friends help you, but sometimes I pick myself to be the one. When there is garbage me and my friend will clean it up all by ourselves, the teacher would be so happy."
Rachel Age 5, Fairfax, California

27 July '96 "I wish more people will clean the Earth and stop littering."
Claudia, age 8, Canada

27 July '96 "I wish there will be no violence because it's bad. And I wish no one will smoke."
David, age 6, Connecticut, USA

29 July '96 "I wish the Earth was sinless & clean."
Andy Rankin, age 11, West Bend, WI.

29 July '96 "I wish that the earth would never, ever be trashed again. I will help by picking up places I've been and throwing the trash in the right "place-a trash" can!
Andrew, age 7 Oklahoma

30 July '96 "I wish the world was more peaceful and violence would stop. I hope the people who don't have food will soon find food, and they will have a happy life. I hope people stop cutting down all the trees because we need trees to clean the air we breathe."
Lue, Lucy, Callie, Dinah, Carrie, Tulane, USA

Martin, USA

30 July '96 "I wish the earth was again simple like the days of adam and eve ( only with clouthing) we would be one with all."
Ashley age 13, Terrace, B.C., Canada

17 June '96 "I wish people would keep our world for pollution and make it a better place for kids."
Angela, age 9

29 June '96 "I wish that people would be nice to other people. I wish that people would pick up trash off the earth and not throw just anywhere."

16 June '96 "I wish the Earth was clean."
Kimberly, Duncan, B.C., Canada

25 June '96 "I wish the earth has no more fights and no more wars and no more stealing and no more polluting."
Joshie, age 6

21 June '96 "I wish that people would care about the rain forest, because there are only a few rain forests left and there will be no more rain forests if we cut them down. Also endangered species live there and if people cut them down they will have no where to live."
Leah, age 9 3/4, California

21 June '96 "Keep it green and clean."
Cristopher, Michigan, U.S.A

17 June '96 "I WISH GO TO THE EARTH."
LIZETH, Age 11

17 May '96 "I wish that the earth was clean and that it was illegal to dump trash. My mom wishes for world peace.

27 May '96 "I wish the earth would be cleaner rather than dirty. The earth can be clean but we have to help. It's all up to us. If we don't do enything soon there will be nothing left of the earth for us. It's our fault the earth is like this. Now we have to clean it up."
Rachael, age 9, General lake, Petawawa, Ontario

08 Aug. '96 "I wish we had more Pandas"
Pol, Nelson, B.C.

08 Aug. '96 "I wish that the earth was not polluted"
Samantha, age 5, Nelson, B.C.

08 Aug. '96 "I wish for all beings to join together in the healing of this planet. (and ourselves)
Nelson, B.C.

08 Aug. '96 "I wish man won't cut down the Foress and make aimals move out."
Dana, Nelson, B.C.

08 Aug. '96 "NO MORE BULLIES"
Unsigned, Nelson, B.C.

08 Aug. '96 "I wish for Love"
Unsigned, Nelson, B.C.

08 Aug. '96 "I wish the 'peple' 'wonte' 'li' to me"

29 July '96 "I wish that the earth would never, ever be trashed again. I will help by picking up places I've been and throwing the trash in the right place-a trash can! Andrew, age 7, Oklahoma

"My wish is that more dads would be like mine. He has helped the earth by getting a recyling program started at his Post Office and has continued it by spreading the recyling program into the schools in our county. He loves teaching children and adults on how to save the earth for our future generation."
Brynn Wilson, age 13, Naples, Florida, USA

"I wish the earth was as big as the sun"
Stephanie, age 8, Christchurch New Zealand

"I wish that the earth would be nice and clean without pollution or junky garbage. I wish it would have fresh water everywhere, fresh air, and non-littered land. I wish that their would not have endangered animals and stuff. I wish everything would be great to live."
Ruoyu, age 12

"i wish people would not throw trash in the road."
tonya, age 4, Falls City, Ne.

"I wish no one put garbage on other peoples lawn. and that on the top of pop cans they would take off the little tabs and give them to the hospital so some one with a faulty kidney can use the machine."
Lisa, Houston, Canada

"I wish people would pick-up garbage all over the world,and plant more trees."
Alexis, age 7, Vancouver, BC

"My wish is that there wouldn't be so many mean people."
Jack, age 5, Kodiak, Alaska

"I wish that civilization could be simple again, and not be filled with crime. I wish that technology would fade away as only a memory, and that we would not long for it. I wish that getting simple hapiness and joy would not mean buying something you like or doing something you've always wanted to do. I wish that pure, simple hapiness and joy would just come from pure innocence. That is my wish."
Jennifer, age 11, Woodbridge, Ont.

Kevin aged 7: "I wish the Earth was very clean."
Kevin, age 7, Long Beach, MS

"I wish the Earth was a better place to live and that the pollution dropped a whole lot more."
Frankie, age 9, Long Beach, MS

"My best wishes for the earth."
Julieta y Florencia

"I wish everybody loved each other and they would love the earth."
Marta, 5 y. Genova, Italy

"I wish that people would stop cutting down trees and stop polluting."
Erin Lovell, age 6, Bermuda.

"I hope that no one pollutes."
Felicia, age 6, Enterprise, Alabama

"I wish that people would stop killing the belugas and the panda bears by not spilling oil in the oceans or polluting the air. We also have to save our ozone layer."
Mikey, age 8, Windsor Ont.

"I wish the earth had a princess!"
Kali, USA

"I want to go to the earth..."
Elias, age 2

"The Earth is a wonderful place to live."
Scott Lake age 10, East Wing Westminister Center School

"I wish that the earth would be more peaceful in many ways. I think that there should be no more stealing or fighting. Good luck on cleaning up the world."
Jessie, New Jersey, USA

"I wish that people would put their garbage in the trash can when they are done eating instead of throwing it on the ground. I don't see why people have to litter or pollute the Earth. Why can't we have a beautiful green Earth where everybody will want to live?"
A concerned citizen of Petawawa

"I wish people would not spill oil in the earth's lakes because it kills poor innocent animals that don't deserve to die. A whole bunch of animals die each year because of this. I wish that there were less oil companies in the world. That way we can save most of the animal population."
Alyssa, Gr.6 age 12,Petawawa, Ont.

"I wish the Earth could be like it was when we humans first walked the earth. That the Earth could be clean all the time."
Kasi, Washington State, USA

"Our wishes for the earth are that the people would recycle more. People would love one another and stop fighting. PLEASE make this world a better place! Hope you had a happy earth day!"
Sonja, age 10, and Bridget, age 11, Petawawa, Ont Canada

"My wish for the earth is that there will be no more wars and that everyone will help keep earth clean!"
Ashley Bayes, age 10 General Lake Public School, Petawawa,Ontario

Still some wishes open so keep sending them in

"I wish there was no such thing as war"
Terry, from Ireland

"I wish that the people wouldn't fight ever again, and that people wouldn't litter and I'd like it if they wouldn't throw their rubbish on the ground, so the earth would be nice and clean like it was when it started."
Farrah-Jane, age 6, Western Australia

"I wish the earth would be nice and clean and there would be no more pollution."
Jennifer, age 9, Toronto

"I wish that the earth was clean so the cars, trucks and bikes could move around more easily."
Jessica age 6, Virginia, USA

"My wish for the Earth is to stop people from polluting, and I hope the people will stop hurting the earth and endangered species, like Kieko the killer whale."
Matthew, age 7 1/2, Colorado, USA

"My name is Rossana and I am 12 years old. I study in secondary school. I wish no pollution, no garbage and peace and love in all the world. I think every body can help." Greetings
Rossana, Mexico

"I wish that the people on earth would recycle more often and buy biodegradable things."
Annie Laurie, age 10, Philippines

"I wish that the earth can always have a bunch of flowers."
Emily, age 7, Southern UT, USA

Dustin, age 3

"I wish that people wouldn't pollute and kill each other. I wish there were no homeless people in the world or starving children. I wish there was no such thing as sickness."
Maeve, age: 6 3/4, New York, USA.

"I want it always clean and green and no pollution."
Caroline, age 8, Philippines

"I wish that people in the world would stop littering, and draining toxic chemicals into the water or some day the world might be so polluted that everyone would have to live in a huge unpolluted dome."
Mary, Connecticut U.S

"We wish that people would stop treating animals like dirt. Animals are just like pets. Don't kill wolves, tigers etc. People have a bad impression of animals who kill to live. It's for their survival. It's just like humans,we kill to eat."
Shane and Ben, age 9, General Lake School, Petawawa, Ont.

"We wish that everyone would do their share and keep OUR EARTH beautiful. People should plant trees when they cut one down. Everyone should Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse. They should also protect our endangered animals."
Ellen, East Side Elementary, Second grade, Edinburgh, In.

"I wish that people could stop littering." .
Morgan, age 11, General Lake Public School, Petawawa, Ont. Can

"My wish for the earth is that the earth would keep its peace."
Phallon, age 10, grade 5, General Lake school, Petawawa, Ontario

"I wish the earth will be as full and green when I am grown up as it is now."
Kyle, age 11, Petawawa, Ontario

"I wish people would clean up the garbage so the earth would be a better place."
Jennifer, age 11, Petawawa,Ont

"I want to wish that the earth will always be clean, and healthy."
Richard, age 5, Toronto

"I wish that everybody would not litter. The earth should be cleaner. We live on the earth, so don't pollute the earth!"
Kris, age 9, General lake School, Petawawa, Ont.

"Our wish for the Earth is: There should be - No criminals, No garbage, No motorized vehicles that burn gas."
Ben and Alex, age 9 General Lake P.S., Petawawa, Ont

"I wish the earth would industrialize but wouldn't ruin our air. That the earth would get better without getting worse and that all people would get along and have fun."
Kyle, age 11, Petawawa, Ont.

"I wish the earth would last forever."
Sara Darby, Pembroke, Ont.

"I wish the earth had peace."
April-Dawn, age 8, Petawawa, Ont.

"I wish people would take care of the earth."
Melanie, age 7, Petawawa, Ont.

"I wish for clean air."
Casey, age 8, Petawawa, Ont.

"My wish for Earth is for people not to litter so much and for people to pick up garbage when they see it. I love our Earth and I don't want to lose it. Please help our Earth by picking things up off the ground."
Heather Marie, age 9, Elmira, NewYork

"I wish that people would stop littering. It is bad for the earth. I want to live a care free life."
Kalena, age 8, California, USA

"We have a worm bin to help us recycle our trash. We wish you a Happy Earth Day!"
From the First Grade Class from Columbia, Missouri. Our teacher is Mrs. Vaughn!

"My Earth Day wish is for peace and love, instead of hate and crime."
Patrick, age 11, Broadway Elementary School, Elmira, New York

"I wish that people would use less cars and use bikes"
Marisa, age 11, Broadway Elementary School, Elmira, New York

"I wish I could save the Earth from bad and have good."
Jessica, age 11, Broadway Elementary School, Elmira, New York

"I wish for people to stop killing animals on Earth, to make Earth prettier."
Jessica, age 11, Broadway Elementary School, Elmira, New York

"I wish everybody would stop littering and I wish the population would go down and a lot of pretty flowers would come up."
Martie, age 12, Broadway Elementary School, Elmira, New York

"I wish to have more trees grow."
Kyle, age 11, Broadway Elementary School, Elmira, New York

"I wish for more trees and animals and for pollution to stop."
Gabriel, age 11, Broadway Elementary School, Elmira, New York

"I wish that the earth was a better place so kids can have fun without the playground and baseball fields being trashed with garbage or damaged by other people."
Matt, age 11, Broadway Elementary School, Elmira, New York

"My wish would be that all people know the feeling of freedom and contentment."
Jeffrey, age 8

From the ESL students at Coram Elementary School, Coram, New York, USA"

"I wish that the people would stop using harmful gases that are ruining our ozone layer." HEAR THAT ALL YOU BIG PEOPLE!!!
Jacob, age 11, Vermont, U.S.A.

"I wish for the world would stay clean and no more cutting down the rain forests."
Cory age 4, Virginia, USA

"My wish is for people to use cars and trucks less and to use bikes and skateboards more."
Mark, age 8, Victoria

"I wish there was no garbage on the streets. I don't like pollution."
Kyra, age 7, Montreal

"i want to wish that the earth will always be clean, and healthy."
Richard, age 5, Brown School, SENIOR Kindergarten Toronto, Ont.

"Our wish to the Earth is that they stop the wars all over the world for there is no need for fighting anywhere on this great planet on which we live on. We hope that one day we all shall be able to live in harmony with all creatures of land and sea the way God intended us too. We do not think Mother Earth deserves all we have done to her for she provides us with all we need to survive with. We owe her our lives and we should be ever grateful for her knowledge and wisdom which she gives us daily. We should take care of her for the more we hurt her the more we hurt ourselves.
Twin sisters Rhonda and Alana, age 14.

"I wish that people would not put bad things in the soil because they kill flowers and earthworms. Flowers and earthworms are good for the soil."
Amanda, age 7, Stockholm

"My wish is for everyone to reuse, reduce and recycle the things that they should."
Melanie, age 9, Vancouver

"My wish is to help the endangered species that are dying, to plant a tree, and compost. Please help the earth. It's crying out to you like the eagle child."
Jonathon, age 7, Edmonton

"I'd like to help the earth by not polluting the environment. I'd like to help the world by cleaning up. I will tell everyone to stop polluting. That is my promise."
Andrew, age 9, London

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