Wishes for the Earth '98

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Subject: The Good Earth
29 Jan 1998
"My wish for '98 is that the world should have more friendship, and that the new buildings should stop polluting the air. And the people should have more respect for the world."
MARLA, Age 8, from Florida

Subject: Peace
27 Jan 1998
"My wish is that the Earth would be in peace."
Andrew, age 10.

Subject: My Wish For The Earth
23 Jan 1998
Caryl Illana, Age 6,MI, USA

Subject: I wish............
22 Jan 1998
"Oddvar Fossum"
"For the earth I wish that I was it ruler...........life would be better then...... For me anyway........."

Subject: My Wish
17 Jan 1998
"My wish is to have the earth be perfect in every way."
Caity, Age 10

Subject: A Wish
16 Jan 1998
"There are so many problems on the earth I coud not pick just one!
The litter is so much,
The money so little,
The wars,
The violence,
The hatred,
There is so much more too!
Who caused these things?
People across the street,
Those rude people over there,
My friends,
Your enemies,
The white,
The black,
Everyone between,
It's everyone,
Not just me,
Not just you.
Peace on earth is a dream!
But a nice one too!!!"

Linda Rader

My Wish
5 Jan 1998
"I wish, everybody would stop polluting our lakes, forests, and oceans."

May,7 years old, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Wish for the Earth
19 Feb 1998
"I wish that all the plant eating dinosaurs like tricerotops and stegosaurus were alive."

Dale Thompson Age 6

My wish
12 Feb 1998
"My wish is to send criminals and thugs to jail. And make this planet peaceful."
Pinecrest School

My Wish for the Earth '98 is...
10 Feb 1998
"I wish, every body do every things to JesusChrist likes, and no more vanity, money love's, murders, robs; just love, peace, and happy days for all the World."
Hector Iván 11 years old, Guadalajara, Jalisco. México.

The Good Earth
29 Jan 1998
"My wish for '98 is that everyone should have friendship, and that the new buildings would stop polluting the air. That we should have more respect for the earth."
MARLA, age 8 from Florida

Wishes for Earth 98
23 Feb 1998
"I wish the Earth could be clean and pure."
Kaly Alabaugh, Age 6, Terre Haute IN

Wish 03 Sept. '98 "I wish that there are always bats for me to play with." leland, age 2 USA
Wish 27th April '98 "Our wish for the Earth is that people would stop littering. We also wish that there would be peace on the EARTH, and that people would love one another!" Katie and Carolyn General Lake Public School, Petawawa, Ont, Canada
A Wish for the Earth 27th April '98 Our wish for the Earth is for everyone to stop littering and that people would love the Earth and one another. G. Mc Nulty School Canada
Peace 25th April '98 "I wish that there were no wars, violence, stealing, and suffering! I wish there was peace on earth!" Chelsea, age 10, Atlanta, GA, USA
Peace 25th April '98 "I wish that my country will be beautifol, and all people happy." Jasmin, age 7 Givatayim Israel
A Wish - for the Earth 24th April '98 "My wish for the earth is that people would stop polluting, wouldn't kill honest people and would understand what the earth means to us. And also be careful about what they do to the earth." Sarah and Michelle, 11 years old Petawawa,Canada
A Wish 22nd April '98 "Do not throw garbage on the ground. The earth is not a garbage can." Grade Three class, General Lake, Petawawa, Ontario, Canada
Wish 22nd April '98 "My wish for the earth is that people would stop polluting." Michael, grade 5 General Lake School, Petawawa, Ontario
A Wish for the Earth 22nd April '98 "Keep our earth green, don't litter." William and Katelyn, General Lake School, Petawawa, Ontario, Canada
A Wish for the Earth 21st April '98 "RULE #1:DO NOT LITTER RULE#2:DO NOT POLLUTE RULE#3:KEEP WATER CLEAN RULE#4:DO NOT I SAY DO NOT KILL ANIMALS FOR THE FUN OF IT ." Josh, General Lake School, Petawawa, Ontario, Canada
I wish 21st April '98 "I wish more people would put ther garbage in the garbage cans and not on the ground." Bobby, age 11 General Lake school, Petawawa, Ont, Canada
I Wish 21st April '98 "I wish that more people would plant trees. Trees do their part, let's do our part." Adam, age 11 General Lake School Petawawa, Ont, Canada
A wish for the Earth 21st April '98 "We should not litter and we shoud pick up garbage that the other people have dropped.Don't kill endanger animals." Gabi and Maxine, General Lake school, Petawawa, Ont. Canada.
Wish 21st April '98 "I wish there was a kind of plastic that would break down into dirt instead of the normal plastic which takes three years or more to break down." Nicholas, Petawawa, Ont. Canada
Wish 21st April '98 "The Earth is our home and we should take care of it." Shane, Pembroke, Ont. Canada
My Wish 12th April '98 "no one would intentionally hurt any one." Lena Dakotas, USA
My Wish 12th April '98 "My wish is that there's no war so we can live with peace. I hope there's no pain and hate in every people's heart. I want everyone to like everyone. I wish that theres no poor persons. That is my wish" YUSA, age 10 Indonesia
Our Wish 15th April '98 "We think that the world could be a better place if we stop polluting. In our school yard we have a polluting problem!" Elizabeth, Nicole, Josee and Phallon, age 12, General Lake, Petawawa, Ont. Canada
I Wish 13th Oct '98 "I wish that all the violence would stop, there would be no drugs & alcohol, and skate boarding would not be a crime." Arnold Villareal, age 13, San Jose Ca. USA
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