Dale bertRand



Dale is very much a Renaissance man and his career has touched many areas. Two of  his contribution are  the Giant Flower Island (with macro-photography) in Dodoland and also helping with the art and activity ideas for Magical Earth Secrets. In Toronto he helped manage the Harbourfront Antique Market. He still has a hobby of collecting rare beads.

Dale has traveled to many countries in sharing his “Druidical Quest” book which reflected the travels, research and vision quests around the work of the Welsh mystic John Hugh Roberts. He has led workshops on the Celtic theme in Korea, Japan, Bali  and Guatemala.  With this work he has produced many books including the ‘Stone Book of Knowledge’ and 4 illuminated manuscripts. He also led art workshops with the Inner City Angels part-time for many years. In Vancouver he taught for eight years speech and communication to international students from all over Asia. He like to be involved in projects that help people with self and spiritual development.

Della and Dale went to Japan to see the performance of Magical Earth Secrets (in Japan called ‘Rainbow Wings) at the Kanazawa- bunko Festival. He assisted in doing research on the flora and fauna when Topia’s’ Star Galaxy for the World’ was created in Mexico in 2022. Dale is presently helping to documents their travels in going on ” the Gypsy Wagon” journey .







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