Della Burford






 Della is a Canadian artist who is now changing her art into immersive experiences. Della studied Interior Design in New York, Textiles in Alberta and Education at Queens. She ended up being a Design teacher at Humber College for six years. She has been honored to having her “Magical Earth Secrets” be a best-seller and Dodoland was awarded a PIA award. The website of Dodoland has had 22 million hits in 26 years.

Della has shared her stories in Theatre productions in New York, Japan, Korea, Guatemala, and Bali. Her stories have been in schools and communities and Theatre production at such prestigious venues as the Museum of Natural History, Brooklyn Academy of Music, and Smithsonian Institute. Her work has themes of exploring the different aspects of oneself, loving and protecting the earth and encouraging action for peace, compassion, gratitude and creativity. This she wishes for everyone.

Della was part of the 2nd coheart of the Design Science Studio’s program of the Buckminster Fuller Institute for 2021/22 . In this program she has created the Topia world of ‘Dodoland’ and with Julian Ramirez and the help of Dale Bertrand created also the Topia world ‘Star Galaxy for the World’. Julian Ramirez has also created a 3-D version of Star Galaxy for the World in New Art City’ s Protopia and also an animated film of this story. Della wants to continue to change her art into immersive experiences.

In 2023 Della and Dale are travelling for a year sharing their lives and work in various places in the world on what they call the “Gypsy Wagon” journey.









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