Star Galaxy Casas – “Empowerment Self” – Gratitude & Kindness

Star Galaxy Casas – “Empowerment Self” – Gratitude & Kindness

Gratitude Storyteller

In Dodoland you can go to the Island of Eyes and it becomes a portal to visit the Star Galaxy for the World. It is a place to RELAX during a difficult time. Pretend you are the Star Child.

The Star Child asks:

“Show me what I need to know. Please guide me to a place of EMPOWERMENT for myself, others, and the earth.”

With this intention, you are taken to the Star Galaxy for the World and a place of EMPOWERMENT when you meet the Storytellers of Gratitude, Kindness, Peace, Creativity, and Transformation. They live in two places Their Casa (houses) are Platonic Solids which are in power spots on the Earth and also are able to appear in the Spiral Milky Way Galaxy in space. They share “Magical words” to encourage ACTIVATION to heal. Another wise one the Synergy Wizard has wise words. * (Synergy Wizard is based around Buckminster Fuller’s quote and philosophy.)

You first travel to the South Sun Portal which has a Platonic Cube where the Gratitude Storyteller lives. All around are the sounds of the Rainforest and the cry of the Quetzal Bird.

Gratitude Story teller says:

“Receive with Gratitude all you are given .. feel gratitude in your heart.”

 Say the Magical worlds “I and Gratitude are one, I love Gratitude, I will take Gratitude Action for myself and the Earth.”

The Synergy Wizard says:

“Make the world work for 100% of all life.”

Everyone receives red on their auras and their legs and feet feel stronger.

How can you be grateful? Think of all the things to be thankful for in an art/writing project!

Kindness Storyteller

You travel to the West Moon Portal which has a Icosahedron where the Kindness Storyteller lives. Here the flowers talk in the Magic Flower Garden and the swan’s trumpet.

Kindness Storyteller says:

“Every person, country, leaf, dream, and action is a petal on the Medicine Wheels.”

 Say the Magical words:

“I and Kindness are one, I love Kindness. I will take Kindness Action for myself and the Earth.”

The Synergy Wizard says:

“Make the world work at the disadvantage of no one … it has to be everybody or nobody”.

Everyone receives a green light on their auras and their heart feels stronger.

Think of a time someone has done a random act of kindness to you or you have done one for someone.

Do art or story or poem!


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