Magical Earth Secrets Island – Sun Ray – Love Wind

Magical Earth Secrets Island – Sun Ray – Love Wind

Eagle Child , who was part eagle and child, had lost its power and color. But now after meeting Earth Child and Sweet Water has red, orange, but is searching for the secrets to get it’s other colors of the rainbow like yellow.

The Eagle Child said it would like to fly to the top of the highest mountain. It was told to visit Sun Ray in the south in the sunflower. Sun Ray was all yellow and shining.


Sun Ray

Sun Ray said, “Come closer, you have a light in your that is powerful like the sun .” Sun Ray told this powerful words, “I and the Sun are one, I love the Sun, the Sun takes care of me.” After saying the words Eagle Child could see more clearly and found a bright yellow on its wings. Eagle Child asked what it could do to help the earth.

Sun Ray was sad because people were not using solar energy but still burning fossil fuels. Eagle Child asked if something could be done to help. Sun Ray said “yes you can use solar energy..” When Eagle Child said it would like to help, its wings felt warm because and the bright yellow light shone brighter.

Sun Ray was so excited that he took out his magic fiddle and started to play it. All the Fire Birds came and flew in a Sun Circle. Eagle Child shouted “my wings feel powerful again.

Eagle Child was now able to fly to the top of the tallest Tree but did not have the power to fly to the top of the tallest mountain. It was told by the Sun Ray to go up the mountain and look for Lovewind. Eagle Child went to the South and half- way up the mountain saw Lovewind who was part butterfly and part fairy.

Love Wind

She softly whispered to Eagle child, “As well as the good earth, clean water and the sun, you need love to grow. My secret words I want to share are:”‘I and the Air are One,I Love the Air,I Will Take Care of the Air.’

Eagle Child asked, “how can I take care of the air?” Love Wind said, “Try to keep the air as clean as possible. Do not spray pesticide, but grow organic gardens. Ride a bike rather than a car or help by sharing a ride so the carbon count will go down. “

“I will do what I can”, said Eagle Child. Then a brilliant green shone on its wings. The birds and butterflies danced in celebration.

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