Star Galaxy Casas – Transformation-

You travel to the center of the Medicine Wheels the Portal of the Dodecahedron. Here there are butterflies. Here you see the Transformation Storyteller. She says the Magical Words: “I and Transformation are one, I love transformation.

 I will take transformation action for the earth.” Synergy Wizard adds: “There is nothing in a caterpillar to say it will become a butterfly.” All that travel here receive a white light on their auras and their connection to “all is one” is stronger. Imagine a gift of a white ball of light.

Transformation Storyteller

In all of the Star Galaxy for the world we build our Empowerment Selves. In Celebration people are doing actions to help each other and the world heal. Many do practical things to help their environment. There is more healing dreams, kindness to each other, gratitude for all living things, and creativity and peace.(30 sec)

 Many healing actions are done to show our love for nature and planet Earth.  The ball of light are thrown to the earth and they form a rainbow of light that signals the unity of people , all life and nature. All is well and healthy again. And so it was meant to be.


Dragon Ship

Night Bubble

Singing Tree

Giant Flower Island

Island of Eyes

Star Galaxy Casa

Magical Earth Secrets Island

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