Star Galaxy Casas – Peace & Creativity

Star Galaxy Casas – Peace & Creativity

From Star Galaxy for the World by Della Burford

Peace Storyteller

You travel to the Northern Portal of the Moon which has an Octahedron where the Peace Storyteller lives. Here there is healing medicine and the sound of owls and singing bowls.

Peace Storyteller says:

“On the Medicine Wheel, you will have the vision. You have an inner eye that knows when things are right and it is called Intuition. There is peace inside and outside.”

Say the Magical Words,

“I and peace are one, I love Peace, I will take Peace Action for myself and the Earth.” The wise Synergy Wizard says,

“It is a matter of converting our high technology from weaponry to living.”

Imagine a gift of a blue ball of light.

* (Synergy Wizard in the story has the quote from Buckminster Fuller).

Creativity Storyteller

You travel to the Eastern Portal of the Sun which has a Tetrahedron where the Creativity Storyteller lives. Here you hear the eagle and falcons cry. Creativity Storyteller says:

”What exists in the Galaxy exists in the Solar System and on the Earth and all living things. Both the macro of outer space and the micro are the same.”

Say the Magical words:

“I and Creativity are one, I love Creativity. I will take Creative Action for the Earth.”

Synergy Wizard adds,

“You do not belong to you, you belong to the universe.”

All that travel here receive a purple light on their aura.

(Synergy Wizard quotes are from Buckminster Fuller).

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