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Books by Della Burford

Dodo Land

Travel to a place where imagination reigns & dreams come true! Come fly with your Bird Helmet to Dodoland

Magical Earth

Eagle Child takes you to find the Secrets of Earth, Water, Air, Sun & Stars. Best-seller.

Miracle Galaxy

Meet the eight Angels of Healing who shine light & share healing.

Journey to a Lotus

Inspired by Della , who is a cancer survivor,  this is poems and art done while  travelling in India.

Dream Wheels

How Della Burford manifested art, writing, theatre from dreams over a 36 year period.

Spirit Story books

Treasured tales by Aarron Zerah – painted by Della – three spiritual traditions.

Bali feeds the Soul

Fabrizio Belardetti’s beautiful photos documents the Creativity, Peace and Love of Life in Bali taken in Della, Norah & Dale’s retreat in Ubud.

Art for One World

Journeys the Magical, mystical adventure lives of three people – Della Burford, Dale Bertrand in Canada and Kazuko Asaba in Japan

Dream Gifts for the Planet Earth

 A fantastic dream adventure to find the Eight Dream Gifts from the Sacred White Animals

Star Galaxy for the World

Adventure to meet the Seven Storytellers that have Magic Words &  Ways for you and to help the Planet Earth. 

Earth Action

Take your love of Nature into Action.  Six Buckminster Fuller’s Inventions & Activities. Meet  Earth Seed, Sweetwater, Sun Ray, Love Wind, Star Bird and Crystal Wish.

All books written and painted by Della – Spirit Storybooks by Aaron Zerah. Bali feeds the Soul- photographs- Fabrizio & Dale. Dale did some illustration in Magical Earth Secrets, also helped design Acitivity Card in Earth Action and is one of the Featured Artists in Art for One World with Della and Kazuko Asaba.

We are presently designing a Store with Posters and T-shirts

from Dodoland, Magical Earth, and Miracle Galaxy

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