History of Dodoland

Journey to Dodoland  (1977)  won a Printers Institute of America Award.  Play  7 years in New York, storytold  Inner City Angels- 17 years. Best- seller Magical Earth Secrets  (1990) play in Japan for 7 years. Dodoland website  1995  had 22 million hits by 2 million people in its 27 years. Star Galaxy for the World 2022 animated film  featured at I AM PEACE film festival. We have a new Dodoland Shop with Design Apparel and T-shirt with meaningful slogans and artistic designs.


Who and What is Dodoland?

Creativity, for Self Discovery, learning to love and Caring for our Earth and  Building Vision. 

Children and  adults exploring “Inner Child” . All ages welcome!

THREE stories “Journey to Dodoland” for Creative Action, “Magical Earth Secrets” for Earth Action  and “Star Galaxy for the World for Energy Action .


The Dodoland Shop will have many exciting products. We will start with Posters and T- Shirts and Designer Apparel around the 3 featured stories- Dodoland, Magical Earth and Star Galaxy. Della’s books are availabe thru Amazon. They are both soft copy and kindle.

Create Dream Blog

Author Della Burford’s Blog includes many posts on how her stories can from Dreams. 90 posts to go deep in to the history of Dodoland, Magical Earth and Star Galaxy for the World.

Map of Dodoland

Go to  the moon and past the moon to Neptune and next to the  Sea of Love . Dodoland has  Dragon Ship, Giant Flower Island, Night Bubble, Land of Fire, Singing Tree, and Island of Eyes

Animation of Star Galaxy for the World The animation of Star Galaxy for the World was done when Della Burford and Julian Ramirez worked together in the Buckminster Fuller Design Science Studio. It was shown at the I AM PEACE conference in Colombia, to performers of Miracle Galaxy in Japan, and a screening was done for Call to Earth – protect the ocean at Departure Bay School.

Activity Pages- Dodoland

In Dodoland we do lots of creative activities. Some chakra self drawing painting  in the Island of Eyes, Diamante Poem/ Endangered Animal Poster in Giant flower Island, Kindness Stories in Star Galaxy and a book about your Unique Self in Dragon Ship, Hero/Heroine Self in Night Bubble and Vision Self in Island of Eyes. Send us activities  of anything you do around Dodoland as we post. Thanks

Goals of Dodoland

Dodo Land is a happy, meaningful, place to build vision and creativity for oneself and the world. It shows, the power of art and writing, (can be extended to music, movement, drama & technology) in developing one’s self esteem and creativity, and finding one’s unique self , bigger story of ourselves” and we stories” for the world.  


Social Media Dodoland is on Facebook. Join and find out about new events. Projects, interviews, podcasts, and performances and storytellings  of Dodoland, Magical Earth Secrets and Star Galaxy for the World.



Topia World of Dodoland / Star Galaxy for the World

Map Dodoland for Topia

The Topia world of Dodoland & Star Galaxy for the World have  interactive maps,  and video by international sister organizations that have similar goals.

“Journey to Dodoland” Copyright and TM 1977. Della Burford, Dodoland in Cyberspace 1995-2023 Della Burford and Dale Bertrand.

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