Magical Earth Secrets Island-“Eco Self” Earth Seed, Sweet Water

Magical Earth Secrets Island-“Eco Self”

Earth Seed, Sweet Water

Magical Earth Secrets Island

There was an island called Magical Earth Secrets Island. It had 4 directions, east, south, west and north.

On this Island lived an Eagle Child who had an eagle head, wings, a magical child’s heart, voice, and legs. Rainbow Wings had an eagle family in the mountains and a human family in the city.

When it went to get a drink of water, the water was polluted. The air was also dirty and, Eagle Child said, “I feel numb and my colours and power are gone – what am I to do?”

Eagle Child went to the Wise one and was told, “to get your power back you must go the four directions in Nature Wheel Island and find the little people who have the secrets.”

Eagle Child went to the east and found the Earth Seed. She had a flame on her head and a light from her heart.

Earth Seed

Earth Seed told the Eagle Child, “Imagine your legs are strong like the trunk of a tree, pretend that roots grow from your feet down into the ground. Feel the energy of the earth come up your legs, up your body and say the secret words.

“I and the Earth are One
I Love the Earth
I will take care of the Earth.”

When Eagle Child asked what to do to help, Earth Seed said,

“You can use the three R’s,
you can plant and love a tree,
you can love and take care of the animals.”

A strip of red like a ribbon formed on the wings of Eagle Child. Earth Seed played her drum to celebrate as the extinct dodo, quagga, mythical white buffalo, elephant, panda, lemur and whooping crane came to dance.

To be able to fly the Eagle Child was told to visit Sweet Water. Eagle Child followed the path that led to the beautiful water. Here was the merman Sweet Water.

Sweet Water

Sweet Water said, ” Before you say the secrets words feel yourself free like the water is free, and pretend you are a wave. As Eagle Child was doing this the Sweet Water whispered, “I and the Water are one, I love the water, I will take care of the water.”

Now it had orange on its wings. It knew it could fly to the tallest trees. Eagle Child asked what it could do to help. Sweet Water said, ” It is important to keep the water clean. The rivers, lakes stream and the ocean. Do not put garbage or let chemicals get in it. Protect the air as what goes in the air falls into the water. Eagle Child said it would help and Sweet Water was so happy that it blew its magic flute. Many dolphins came to the shore to dance. They did a swimming dance of celebration.


Make a ” Eco Self” Book

Make a short but good story. What problems can be solved to help the environment. Divide into eight parts.

Make a map of the setting for the future. Show bodies of water, mountains, trees, animals – ( can be imaginary)

Make illustrations for eight parts of your story – ” Eco -Self” art.

After finishing put the eight pictures beside the story – could be pages side by side.

Do a title page, Dedication page & Author page

Make a cover with heavier paper- include your favourite art and title

Now you can share your story with many people in the world.

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