Giant Flower Island – Deep Space – Endangered Animal Poster

In the Giant Flower Islands the deeper you go the more beautiful it becomes. When you get very deep in the flowers it looks like outer space.

The flower when you go deeper looks like outer space. This is a macro- photograph by Dale Bertrand.

Elemental Dodo love journeying into the flowers.

When back we often do art about our journey.

Elemental Dodo loves to help any animal or plant that is endangered or threatened.

An example of an activity is making an Endangered Animal or Plant Poster.

Elemental Dodo: “When animal on the endangered animal list which means there is a danger that we could become extinct. I became extinct on the Earth and don’t want any more animals or plant to have this happen to them. Some animals that are currently on the endangered list are:

  • Orangutan, Giant Panda, Blue whale, Asian Elephant, Gorillia, Snow Leopard, Rhinoceros, Sea Turtle, Amur Leopard, Sea Otter, Black Footed Ferret, Galapagos Penguins, Golden Lion Tamarins just to mention a few.
  • Check out the animals and plants that are in trouble in your area you live and draw them. Think of a design for a Poster that will catch people’s attention.

Which endangered animals do you love the most and how can they be protected? Make a poster of the animal you love. Create a picture and write a slogan. A slogan is a few words to describe your feelings. The important thing is to express how you love and care”.

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