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Hello dreamers, hello world! ‘Create Dreams’ by Della Burford “Dream – Visualize – Create”


Dream – Visualize – Create“,

Visualize – Dream- Create“,

Create – Visualize- Dream

Creativity , Visualization and Dreams are intertwined in many ways. Honoring the process is what is important.

When when you honor dreams by manifesting them you will have more dreams. Sometimes the Dream is in the beginning, in the middle or end of the Creative Process. This has proved to be true in my 40 years of recording dream on Dream Wheels, and in my stories and art. I encourage all to write their dreams, paint, storytell, make music of your dreams, and LIVE YOUR BEST DREAMS. As I have developed my painting and books I will share the process of making a MILESTONE GRID with important eventspeople, dreams, research methods and results for segments of your life. I have used seven year cycles ( I now have seven seven year Cycles) .. you can choose your number. My friend Yasmin helped me with this. She suggested I include points in these cycles that were turning points – milestones, people that were important, what dreams were important and how I recorded these, and what were the results. I have included many of these in the Blog and have encouraged others to do the same in my book “Art for One World”.

It is important today when you are more technologically capable to remember your own consciousness and compassion which is beyond what machines can do. So your FEELINGS AND INSIGHTS are part of it too. You can do things in dreams that are impossible in the real world. Even at the time of the Pandemic in the world you still can see friends and travel in our dreams. You can even travel to the cosmos. Never forget this. I was told in a dream that it is possible for our dreams to be Multidimensional. Continue to be creative and share it with the world. Always remember your Creative Magic.

I will be sharing my inspiring dreams that has helped in creating my eight book and paintings , and methods of TRANSFORMATIONAL MAPPING that if applied to your life can be inspiring and uplifting and positive for you. Life is transformation and when we are open to change we will grow.

I have created DREAM WHEELS (Mandalas) for forty years as a tool to act as a PORTAL for me to go back to my dreams years later. It is the amazing the dreams I have been able to use in stories and art because of this and sometimes even decades later. My dreams became my creations and my creations became later dreams for myself and for many others. Like for instance my dreams that I was gifted for Dodoland have now been enjoyed by over 2 million people in Dodoland in Cyberspace. Today, 50 years later others too can have a Dodoland dream.

Ultimately whatever methods you use I want this to be inspiration and for you to share your dreams and life too! When you tune into our dreams, visualization and creativity and record what is happening in your life it is a way for self-growth, fulfilling good intentions and to increase humanity in the world. We can all make that difference in the world! With this blog I would like to encourage and increase your CREATIVITYMULTIDIMENSIONALITY and DREAM POWER and POWER WITH RIGHT ACTION for the good of all in the world. My ‘STAR GALAXY FOR THE WORLD‘ encourages the ACTION qualities of transformation, kindness, wonder, expansion, peace, gratitude, creativity and of course dreams. For me these are Ways of Being to survive a crisis. Together we create Well Being for ourselves, others and the planet. I will focus on these qualities in the first year of the Blog as I go thru MILESTONE records and DREAM WHEELS and the Transformation Map to reflect on the past and take this wisdom to weave into the present and future. Each “Way of Being‘ will be a theme for a month.

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So many people have helped over many years. I particularly thank Robert Moss as I have been dreaming with various groups of Dreamers online for six years. I originally met Robert Moss nine years ago at a Dream workshop in Stanley Park in 2013. (This was after writing the book Dream Wheels.)

So, I thank you all for being Dream and Creative Friends. You all have been totally inspirational as so many other family and friends have been to me in the forty years of recording my dreams on my Dream Wheels. I will be featuring various Artists and Dreamers and Events who fit into the theme of the issue. I am in gratitude to so many for letting me include them in the Create a Dream Blog. All Follows, Comments or Likes are so appreciated. Artistic, dream and positive energy are all part of this offering for the world. The Stories and Art are for You, Others, and the World.

I want to thank the Earth Child Environment Foundation for their encouragement and support. I also want to thank the Design Science Studio of the Buckminster Fuller Foundation which I was part of for 2021 and 2022. I met many dreamers there and created a Topia, immersive environments, and an animation was done by Julian Ramirez of Star Galaxy for the World. It was honored by being featured as a film at the I AM PEACE summit in Columbia. Dreams I updated Earth Action in the Buckminster Fuller Institute’s Space Camp. Stephen Leavitt did an interview about this in his Spaceship Earth Podcast. Dreams do come true!

Thanks so much Della Burford

We all circle the globe with our imaginations.

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