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Date: March 20, 2022Author: dellaburford0 Comments

Dodoland the story written by Della Burford has had quite an impactful history as was a play in New York for seven years and then a website since 1995 with 2 million visitors.

In doing the Topia for the Design Science Studio project with Julian Ramirez and Dale Bertrand Della realized it was a perfect site also for Dodoland. And so the new immersive site started.

I started to paint the assets to insert and loved working with the characters from the story again.

I was encouraged by Chris Martin who developed the a new website for Dodoland.

Dragon Ship .. a place where you can be what and who you want to be. Such fun as people do art and story about their unique selves.

Giant Flower Island – a place to learn about the environment. Have added a link to the Giant Flower Island on the Dodoland website. Also perfect for adding parts of the new Earth Action book created at the Space Camp.

Giant Flower Islands

Giant Flower Island is a Nature Retreat. We learn many things and activities to show our love for the earth. In Giant Flower Island also put a link to some beautiful nature photo by Jennifer Bliss Alberts and Dale Bertrand called Bliss’s Tea Party.

In Night Bubble do art and story. Have put a link to Creating Mythical Stories on the website. Della sees doing in the future projects to help people go from Story/Art to Picture Books to Topia.

Mythical Stories

Another important part is the Island of Eyes in which exceptional artist have been featured. Island o Eyes is a place for Building Vision. We have added the addition of a web link to the Revolutionary and Evolutionary artists of the Design Science Studio program of the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

Design Science Studio

There are four mikes in the Topia for broadcast to anyone who is in the world. We are visualizing unique, mythical, loving the earth and building visions being shared.

Come if you can and let me know if you want to arrange a tour of Dodoland Topia

.. maybe by zoom.

Dodoland Topia

Thanks everyone for your contributions in the development. Julian has given me some super ideas. Dale has helped in working out the techie glitches. Bryan Cutie has been so helpful at Topia in many ways.

Thanks again

Sending the best,


Dodoland Topia A happy place to be. This is a world to explore the inner child , be creative and explore the environment. It is based around Della Burford’s books Dodoland, Magical Earth Secrets and Earth Action. It has a Dragon Ship, Night Bubble, Island of Eyes, Singing Tree, Magical Earth Dome and Giant Flower Island. This is a world to be happy, create, show your love for the earth and develop vision.

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