Raiding the Dragon Ship Incredible Red Banana

Fire volcanoes erupted, everyone was excited when the Banana zoomed towards the ship. Della could see he had a red suit covered with yellow stars
angel wings and a pirate’s cutlass that he was swinging like crazy. As he got
closer to the ship he threw bananas at everyone. He was busy laughing as bananas
filled the air and some burst into stars. He was a trickster and loved planning tricks.
Especially the Dragon Ship Finally, after many bananas had been thrown, he quite out of nowhere gave a sweeping bow and said, “The top of the bottom to you.”
And then he immediately clicked his heels made a trumpet sound with his
hands and said, “How would you like to play a body band? When you have a body
band you will always have music!” All the animals on the Dragon ship joined the
banana in the body band and they made music with their bodies, clapping their
hands,snapping their fingers and stamping their feet.”
He shouted,
“Be Creative-remember have passion for what you are creating to keep the fire inside going-
and laugh you are in Dodoland” and with the snap of a finger he vanished into thin air.”

Incredible Red Banana

Incredible Red Banana in Dodoland


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