Welcome to Night Bubble – “Hero/Heroine” Self

Welcome to the NIGHT BUBBLE. This a place to be CREATIVE as everyone in Dodoland is encouraged to be imaginative and explore multidimensions. You can see many creative activities like the story writing/telling/art /dance – Imagine creating open-ended original Environmental Hero/Heroine stories using words, original art, animation, music., dance. The first step is to think if your were a Hero/Heroine – what would you look like ? This will be your Hero/Heroine Self. This is imaginary so you an be part one thing and another or any color. Anything is possible! See some art from students in a program who worked with Della who came from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Brazil, Mexico and France. They did art of their “Hero/Heroine Self’ and then imagined the land where they would live. This can be multidimensional. Are you travelling thru time? Which dimensions do you visit?

Magic Butterfly
Fish Wizard
Storybook World
Scarecrow Rainbow Land
Life/Dealth Land
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