Island of Eyes – “World Vision Self” Book

I have been honored to be part of the Design Science Studio of the Buckminster Fuller Institute for 2021/22. Each year 144 artists, thinker are chosen to create and share project to show the harmony of life on our planet. Those chosen are steward of the earth. In fact each person on the planet is a stewart of the earth.

Consider yourself as a stewart of the earth. We will do a project – art/story/storytelling – on the theme of “harmony for all”.

You can have your Chakra self in the story and do art write about what you envision for the future seeing the planet working for 100% of all humanity and life as Buckminster Fuller so beautifully visioned as being important.

Make a “World Vision Self” Book

Make a short but good story. How can problems be solved to attain harmony in the world. Divide into eight parts.

Make a map of the setting for the future. Show bodies of water, mountains, trees, animals – ( can be imaginary)

Make illustrations for eight parts of your story – “World Vision Self” art.

After finishing put the eight pictures beside the story – could be pages side by side.

Do a title page, Dedication page & Author page

Make a cover with heavier paper- include your favourite art and title

Now you can share your story with many people in the world.

I did a map of various place we storytold in the world. I put it on Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxium map which he showed the world not as separate countries but almost a big island.

Look at a picture of the Dymaxium map – Highlight place you have travelled to or would like to travel to and then write a Travel Story.


Dragon Ship

Night Bubble

Singing Tree

Giant Flower Island

Island of Eyes

Star Galaxy Casa

Magical Earth Secrets Island

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