Island of Eyes – “Vision Self” Book

Consider yourself as a stewart of the earth. We will do a project – art/story/storytelling – on the theme of “harmony for all”.

Make a picture of yourself and how all your chakras would shine. There will be a light for your navel, heart, throat, middle of your forehead and top of your head. You can make a story about your chakra self. You can envision what you want for the future – seeing the planet working for 100% of all humanity and all life as Buckminster Fuller so beautifully visioned as being important.

Make a ” Vision Self” Book

Make a short but good story. How can problems be solved to attain harmony in the world. How do you see the best future. Divide into eight parts.

Make a map of the setting for the future. Show bodies of water, mountains, trees, animals – ( can be imaginary)

Make illustrations for eight parts of your story – ” Vision Self” art.

After finishing put the eight pictures beside the story – could be pages side by side.

Do a title page, Dedication page & Author page

Make a cover with heavier paper- include your favourite art and title

Now you can share your story with many people in the world.

I did a map of various place we storytold in the world. I put it on Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxium map which he showed the world not as separate countries but almost a big island.

Look at a picture of the Dymaxium map – Highlight place you have travelled to or would like to travel to and then write a Travel Story. Good luck Della Burford

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