Night Bubble – Many Dances – One Spirit

One art form that we love in Dodoland is to dance. We have shared theatre productions, dance, and songs all over the world. Della and Dale were thrilled to be invited to represent Canada at the Jeju World Island Festival. Jeju Island in Korea is an island rich in natural beauty and traditonal culture. “Dodoland”, and “Magical Earth Secrets” were storytold at the Festival. We also told the story of “Miracle Galaxy” at a Nursing School in Jeju also. What a beautiful event with 27 countries represented. What a way to build friendship in the world when people share their dance and song. Each country shared their own unique stories and songs. Dale photographed many countries.

Imagine what your own unique dance and song is? Dance and sing your song.

Travels by Della/Dale in seeing Cultural Dances/Songs in Jeju and storytelling, workshops, theatre of Della’s stories world wide including New York, Washington D.C., Toronto, England, Holland, Japan, Guatemala, Mexico and Bali.
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