Island of Eyes – Meeting Buckminster Fuller

“I had the really unique experience of meeting the legend Buckminster Fuller in 1979. I give thanks to Buckminster Fuller who I saw speak in 1979 at the Symposium of Humanity in  Pasadena California where I was facilitating workshops for children around Dodoland. I was sitting in the front row and when he spoke his body disappeared and he became a light shining brightly. I knew at that moment it was possible for humans to become cosmic and embraced his quote “you do not belong to you, but you belong to the universe.” I also embraced the idea that one should work for humanity and all living things .”  Della

Some of Buckminster Fuller’s famous quotes: “Make the world work for 100% of all life, in the shortest time possible, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense.”

“Make the world work at the disadvantage of no one … it has to be everybody or nobody”.

“It is a matter of converting our high technology from weaponry to livingry.”

“There is nothing in a caterpillar to say it will become a butterfly.”

With this story I would like you to see your chakra self become a “Vision Self” feel the Harmony of all Life and that the world is working for 100% of Humanity and all Life. Do art/writing/storytelling to show the statement “I love”. What do you love in the elements around … the air, water, fire and earth? How can there be harmony on the Earth for humanity and all living things? Della Burford

This photo was taken at the Worlds Fair in Montreal at the Geodesic Dome.

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