Island of Eyes – Meeting the Lotus One – “Chakra” or “Vision Self”

Island of Eyes is a place to meet Authors, Artists and Innovators! Many people in our lives become inspiration. They are Vision Builders. As you walk the path of life you too will become a Vision Builder.

In the story of Dodoland in the Island of Eyes you find this is a place of vision. It has lotus ponds and Seeing Eye Butterflies. Here lives the Lotus One who says ” it may look like you are sitting on the lotus but the lotus is in you.” When you look at the Lotus One you see flowers blossoming inside. These are inspired by Della’s travels to India and studying the chakras. The seven chakras are energy centers that affect your well being. It starts with the root chakra, then sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. In Island of Eyes we have Lotus Ones representing the different chakras.

Draw your Chaka Self. See yourself as a flower blossoming and draw the Chakras of the your body as your chakra self. What color of flower is the root, navel, heart, throat, third eye and top of your head? Draw the color inside and around your body. This will be your ” World Vision Self”. See below the Lotus One from the Island of Eyes.

Lotus One
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