Night Bubble – Mythical – Multidimensional “Hero/Heroine Self” Book”

Della created a storytelling, writing and art program in Vancouver. Students were creating and telling many different kinds of stories – Myths, Multidimensions, Fables, Stories with Emotion and Drama, and some with Travel. Travel can be in an imaginary world, time travel or travels to other dimensions. With their imaginations and dreams they creating their own original Hero/Heroines and Imaginary Maps. The students were inspired by Della’s stories and art. See below their first sketches for a children’s book. Let the stories roll. Check it out! Scroll down! Students did art, story, chose animation and soundloops that become their own”Imaginative Hero/Heroine Stories”.

Creating their own original Hero/Heroine.

Create your own Hero/Heroine story to solve an environmental problem.

Make a “Hero/Heroine Self” Book

Make a map for the setting of the story. Think of bodies of water, mountains, trees, houses. Does your story come from dreams? Is it from your imagination? Are you time travelling? Are you travelling to other dimensions? Make a short but good story. Make it a problem/solution story. Maybe an environmental problems can be solved with creativity. Divide the story into eight parts.

Make illustrations for eight parts of your story.

After finishing put the eight pictures beside the story – could be pages side by side.

Do a Title page, Dedication page & Author page

Make a cover with heavier paper- include your favourite art and title

Now you can share your story with many people in the world.

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