On the way to the Dragon Ship- Neptune- Elemental Dodo & Cooey

We are on our way to the Dragon Ship!
A Fun place to Celebrate your uniqueness

to read/hear Stories ..

to be “who and what you want to be” – Self Discover

In Dodoland you can be your dream!

Neptune – You have been given a special present for your birthday. A Bird Helmet for traveling to other lands. Your grandfather and grandmother tell you “in order to fly you must listen to the birds“. When you blew out the candles you know what you wish would be. Each day you listen in the garden to the birds. One night in your dreams you “go over the sea of yourself“. You meet Neptune King of the Sea and he puts you in a crystal cup. You know are going faster than the speed of light. There you meet the Elemental Dodo who is the guide to the land.


Neptune – King of the Sea


Elemental Dodo – here you meet the Elemental Dodo who is the guide to the land. Elemental Dodo tells you there was sadness on Earth and no one loved him. He decided to go to this land where he could “be what he wants and who he wants”. He became a part bird, fish, dragon, and camel. He is the guide to the land.


Elemental Dodo


Cooey – He tells you the first place we must visit is the Cooey is a unicorn nautilus that has honey-like candy hearts coming from her horn. You are gifted one of these and hear her sing, “Hearts, hearts, hearts of love, take one, take two, to give is to love.”


Cooey who is part Unicorn and part nautilus


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