Star Galaxy – is now a Topia World

Star Galaxy for the World is in Topia!

Date: March 20, 2022Author: dellaburford0 Comments

Quite a journey in creating Star Galaxy for the World to become an immersive visual experiences. I started working with Julian who was part of the second coheart of the Design Science Studio with me in November 2022. We had fun playing with the idea and he started to cut out the storytellers and making them move. We realized we could create an environment in Topia when Nicolas Alcala told me “I had so much art and story that I should do something in Topia” . He was right and we have had a lot of fun creating this. Julian joined me in administration on the site before Dale and I went to Mexico.

It was very exciting to paint the assets for the project and the background for it in Mexico. The combination of the sun, people’s energy and our happy spirits made it perfect. I worked what seemed like day and night to get it materialized and talked to Julian every day in collaboration. Dale was amazing in helping research the animals and birds and environment with his photography and assisting me in so many technical challenges. To my When I saw this story *Miracle Galaxy* performed in Japan I knew the story should not only be for self healing but for World healing and it became Star Galaxy for the World. (There is a link in Star Galaxy in the World Topia to the performance in Japan of Miracle Galaxy with the beautiful costumes created by the famous designer Ruu Ruu.)_

After the assets were painted the assets were placed in the land and links made to show people internationally who are doing work to show love and protection for the planet. One such group is I Made group in Bali who will perform Star Galaxy for the world in 2023 with the children. We show a video of there recent performance in Dubai. Another project highlighted is the Banner for Humanity and all Life done with 30 artists paintings and shown in Pecha Kuchas in the world. Another a woman in Japan who has done a quilt after the earthquake there with kimona scraps recovered from kimona shops and got 65 countries involved. Many projects who are working on planetary cooperation are shown which make the Topia world become alive and active for everyone.

Julian continue to take the Storytellers further with his 3D skills and animation for a site called New Art City . He has now completed the 3-D and animation.

Thanks to so many people who have helped in many ways. For the animation Dale Bertrand for art contribution, Struppi for his fantastic music, and Freeman for his tech Voice Over help.

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