Welcome to Giant Flower Island – “Nature Self”

Welcome to the GIANT FLOWER ISLANDS. Here the flowers are as big as houses. Here you find your connection to Nature and its Beauty! Here there are flower people who represent the chakras. In this Nature Retreat you get an AWARENESS on things to do to help the environment. Find your Nature Self.

Let go visit the Giant Flowers. These flowers are a big as a house.
Photos by Dale Bertrand

Sit by the flower with the golden pool and see if you can hear a song. Fly out and sit on a petal in the sun when you are done.

Going in the Honey Vase

The deeper you go the more beautiful it becomes.

Shut your eyes and see a flower in your mind and see if you can tell what colour it is, and what kind of flower it is.

What music do you hear? What song does this flower sing?
Write the words for a Giant flower Island song.
Giant Flower Islands has been created from Dale Bertrand’s macro-photos.
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