Goals of Dodoland

Focus and Goals

What is Dodoland ? What is the overall Focus and the Goals?

Each activity area is reinforcing the themes of being “creative and imaginative” which is one of the main focuses of “Journey to Dodoland” , also to love and protect nature and thirdly to find vision for the future which is the theme in the Island of Eyes . Dodoland Online is an interactive entertainment and learning place for both the young (and young at heart). The Eight Centres Goals are:

Dragon Ship Find Unique Self. Dodoland Story Centre – Celebrating Self Discovery -“Unique Self” Books
Night Bubble Find “Hero/Heroine Self”. Creative Centre where one can be inspired featuring art, writing for “Hero/Heroine Self” Books
Singing Tree Finding “Harmony Self” . Song Centre and learn the History/Goals of Dodoland. Developing immersive environments – e.g.. Topia, New Art City
Giant Flower Island
Magical Earth Secrets Island
Finding “Nature Self”. Nature Retreat – Love and Protection
Eco Self
Island of Eyes Finding Vision- “ Vision Self” (for the Future)Art & Books Star Galaxy Casa – Finding “Empowerment Self” – Storytellers

Goals for the site

Dodo Land is a happy, meaningful, place to build vision and creativity for oneself and the world. It shows, the power of art and writing, (can be extended to music, movement, drama & technology) in developing one’s self esteem and creativity, and finding one’s unique self , bigger story of ourselves” and we stories” for the world. It encourage positive solutions in having nature as a tutor. We look at nature and recognize the beauty and the cycles. When artistic activities in art, writing, drama, music and creative 3-D, virtual. projects are done, it can convey a message that can influence people to make changes to their own individual development and to help themselves, others and have happier & healthy world. This can be accomplished together with collaboration in community. Creativity, nature tutoring, and vision building. It is made of three stories = Journey to Dodoland, Magical Earth Secrets and Star Galaxy for the World.


  • 1. To help develop a creative and diverse approach in expressing feelings and one’s unique self.
  • 2. To gain self esteem and confidence.
  • 3. To appreciate the beauty of nature.
  • 4. And to achieve satisfaction in sharing in interactivity and participating and collaborating.
  • 5. To learn vision building for a healthier and happier planet for all.


  • 1) It is people based-every person has a unique response. This helps develop self confidence. All people who feel confident are more likely to work cooperatively with others and I becomes we. Reaching out to others from around the world to help build confidence and world vision. The stories are global and are multi-cultural and can be multi-ligual. They are also multidimensional.
  • 2) It is perceptual, emphasizing the one’s ability (all ages) to be sensitive and respond with feelings about themselves, others, all of life, and nature.
  • 3) It is interdisciplinary. We have designed the site to have various curriculum area crossovers. Art often leads to writing, and then to music drama and even immersive environments. Many projects start with scientific knowledge or research. Many times art and science overlap. As curriculm areas overlap, and in the process of coordinated expression, understanding is enhanced.Dodoland  has been mainly conceptualized and designed by Della Burford and Dale Bertrand .
  • ACTIVITIES  – a few activities are in the new issue .. these will be expanded in later updates. Dodoland we do lots of creative activities. Some chakra self drawing painting  in the Island of Eyes, Diamante Poem/ Endangered Animal Poster in Giant flower Island, Kindness Stories in Star Galaxy and a book about your Unique Self in Dragon Ship, Hero/Heroine Self in Night Bubble and Vision Self for the future in Island of Eyes. Send us activities  of anything you do around Dodoland as we post.
  • The  first issue was launched with the help of many people at the Swiftsure project which was a British Columbian goverment funded project. Dave Godfrey and Ivan Sinclair’s knowledge was invaluable in the development. Marilyn Bowering’s initial interest was appreciated. Glen Burford’s continued technical support is greatly appreciated. Each new page requires designing, writing, researching, photographing, scanning, and computer work. Most of  the original Dodoland site was has been done by Della and Dale.

Josh Ardnt helped with ideas in development at one stage. In 1997 some angel friends gave assistance like Yasmin Glanville, Shel Goldstein, Pat Brennan, Bruce McCarthy, Howard & Alice Jerome and Jenny . Thanks again. Later David Walsh.

Chris Martin has been doing the coding and designing of the new Dodoland web-site. His creativity is greatly appreciated. His coding skills were essential in the development to a new site.

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